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Posted by Terry on 11/14/2015 to What becomes of our scraps?
Mary is the kind of person who lives to help others and she finds many ways to use up our scraps to that end. Even when offered larger scraps she insists on having the ones that are hardest to find uses for. During the winter of 2014-15 she hand cut the pieces necessary to make 2500 menstrual pads for women in Malawi. Once in Malawi, the pre-cut pieces were used to teach women how to sew. The pads were then freely distributed. The pads were so well received that she has been asked for more. You can trust Mary to make sure nothing is ever wasted. She takes the smallest remaining pieces to a facility that makes felt.


We got to know Sheila during her many trips to our former workshop/store in Fergus. She was a regular visitor to our Free FlannelĀ bin. Individuals and businesses from the community often came by to pick up scraps for use as cleaning/polishing cloths. Sheila, we learned, was using the scraps to make diapers and dolls to donate to charities. That was 20 years ago and she is still using up our scraps and inspiring others to join her. Like Mary, she insists on using up the most awkward, misshaped off-cuts.

Fergus Women:
When we had our workshop/store in Fergus our Free FlannelĀ scrap bin was a hit with the community. While we were generous with our plain scraps we were picky about giving away precut squares with our signature stripes. For one thing, we wanted to be sure that they were well-sewn. You can see from theses photos how creative and talented the women of Fergus are. These quilts, and many others, were donated to many worthy causes.

Elena was a Nights in White Flannel seamstress for many years. In her spare time she sewed pajamas for an orphanage in Russia. Here they are bringing warmth and comfort to the children there.

Julie personally takes the pads that are cut by the women of Acton to Malawi. She would like to buy more sewing machines for the Malawi women. If you would like to help her out you can be assured that your donation will be used entirely for that purpose. (Contact us and we will forward your email to Julie)



Date: 1/24/2016
I have just found out about your company when my cousin Teri Herbert called me from Toronto today. She casually mentioned she was in her nightie and then told me about the web site. I have just reviewed everything on your site and I must say how impressed I am and then reading your blog about these wonderful caring women who are doing such good things in the world. I will donate something to your sewing machine fund I can go on to my online banking site and transfer to your email so I will do that. I can't decide which gown to get. Would you let me know if the cowl gown is a pull on one. Thank you Kathy
Date: 4/20/2016
I've bought numerous Night in White Flannel over the years and if they have one drawback it is this: they never wear out. Especially the elastic wrist cuffs. They remain snug for years. In fact I'd love to see them make a mens' size bottom with elasticized duffs at the ankle. to go with the polo top. The only one on the market has elasticized cuffs at wrist and ankle but they lose that elasticity within a year. Years ago Nights made to order a bed jacket for my mother'in'law. Since it was stolen from the gurney as she was admitted to hospital, it must have been a popular if unique item. Lock
Date: 6/9/2017
Dear White Nights and Elves-at Large, Shopping at Nights in White Flannel is a feel good experience. I had been looking for a flannel night gown for quite some time and was pleased to find Nights in White Flannel on the web. The variety of items had something for everyone. I purchased a PJ top and bottom with ease from the Nights web site. The PJ's arrived in two days. They were shipped in a flannel bag, no man mad wrap to be used for dump filler. Inside the bag were the products I had ordered accompanied by a flannel cloth, that is a perfect traveling wash cloth , and a hand written note in a piece of flannel and a lavender sprig. Very personal. No part of the packaging or content of the package will ever see a land fill. I had no idea, when searching the web for a flannel night gown, that there was a company that has exceptional flannel nightgowns, exceptional customer service , programs to provided assistance for others in need and minimizes waste. I was particularly delighted with the flannel bag in which my PJ's were shipped. It fit my travel pillow perfectly, so I now have a flannel travel kit. very fun Thank you providing an opportunity purchase quality products while knowing the company is socially and enviromentally caring. Best Deborah Windsor.
Date: 11/16/2017
I just got a Beautiful one in secondhand store I can't believe I only paid one dollar and then inside the nighty I found your toll-free number and your website - thinking I might like another one!
Date: 11/20/2017
To Nights in White Flannel: At a recent baby shower for my cousin's daughter I saw the quality of your product and heard about your excellent customer service. Bouquets to you for a lovely Canadian product, giving back internationally, and excellent customer service by your caring staff.
Date: 12/10/2017
Just received my Christmas order for my grown sons....Perfect...lovely note from Elf Adeline...They are beautiful...gorgeously wrapped all ready for the tree....thank you so so very much...wonderful company and people to deal with 10 stars and product is outstanding Once again, Thank you so much and have a very merry Christmas
Date: 1/27/2018
I just received my second order from your company, and posted pictures of it on my facebook page. I just love the quality of your gowns and the meticulous attention to detail in everything, from the product itself to the enclosed sprig of dried lavender, the precious little lavender-scented soap and the "flannel" for washing my face! The personal hand-written note from the "elf" who packed my order is an extra-special touch, as is the fact that the entire package arrives wrapped in flannel trimmed with a heart. And I can't say enough about Terry, who spent so much time with me on the telephone making sure my needs were met. Your company sets a wonderful example of how to serve and please your customers. I am singing your praises far and wide!
Date: 9/13/2018
I bought a night shirt 30 years ago in Fergus and I expect it to last another 30! The only part of it that's worn is the label! It's impressive that one piece of clothing can literally last a lifetime!

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